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and learning situations

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Obtain authentic information on teaching and
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Validate with
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What is ViviAn?

With our video tool ViviAn "Video vignettes for the analysis of teaching and learning processes" we offer pre- and in-service teachers the opportunity to train their diagnostic skills based on authentic teaching and learning situations.

In addition to the video showing a specific teaching-learning situation, we provide further materials (e.g., learning objectives, tasks, learning products, etc.). The additional information can be accessed at any time alongside the video. Based on guiding diagnostic tasks, the participants deal intensively with the situation and thus link their acquired pedagogical content knowledge with practical experiences

What makes ViviAn unique?

Our platform ensures a high level of authenticity through the combination of high-quality videos, helpful materials and multiple validated expert diagnoses for each individual situation. As a result, participants have access to similar information as teachers in the classroom.

Video vignettes

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